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Prodigious Oil Volume + (100ml)

A dream body!

This prodigious Volume + oil is ideal for transvestites looking to gain volume in their buttocks and breasts. It's not always easy to find THE cream that helps you gain volume quickly. It is composed of fenugreek oil, maca pueraria and moringa. All these oils will help to tone your breasts and buttocks, and you will see the effects from the very first uses if you are regular in your use.

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Convincing in 5 points!


  • Tones and firms the chest and buttocks;
  • Gives tone and elasticity;
  • Made from natural products ;
  • Made in France;
  • Unprecedented effectiveness. 


Valentine's opinion, our cross-dressing expert:


The Goodness Perfect volumising oil allowed me to develop a more toned chest and buttocks from the first applications. With its natural product solution, it also has antioxidant and skin-protecting properties. It is very effective, as I don't have breasts I have seen mine develop very quickly, so I feel more feminine and my cross-dressing is more successful than ever. 


DIRECTIONS: For the most effective and rapid results, it is necessary to be assiduous and use the product every day; For the Volume + prodigious oil: apply the oil every evening and massage the area for 5 minutes using circular movements; Apply the oil after showering; The first results are visible after 10 to 15 days.


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