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Brewer's Yeast 200 gelules GPH

A voluptuous chest

Brewer's yeast has been known for a long time. It contains vitamins, zinc, but also minerals that act on different levels: hair, skin, chest, immune system. The most interesting thing about brewer's yeast is that it works very well on the male body.

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  • Phyto-estrogen-rich supplement
  • Contains a high dose of vitamins and zinc
  • Helps to increase the size of the breast
  • Promotes shiny hair and skin
  • Has a positive effect on the immune system


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing

In shops, it is often available in powder form, which is not very practical to consume, except by sprinkling it in food (but it alters the taste of food). Supplement the intake of brewer's yeast with a breast-firming cream to increase its effectiveness.


More about brewer's yeast

Directions for use : take 3 to 6 capsules per day with a large glass of water during a meal (preferably at noon). If taking 4 capsules seems too much, you can take 2 capsules spread over the 2 main meals of the day.

ingredients for 6 capsules saccharomyces cerevisiae 1,92 g, Enveloppe (gélatine+glycérine) Poids net : 79 g Boite de 200 capsules. 

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  1. louloune - :

    Tres efficace pour la pousse des cheuveux ainsi que leur vitalité ! Je me sens également mieux physiquement donc ça doit être grace a la levure de bière ! je vais continué pendant un moment je pense.

    louloune -