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Organic Sage (120 capsules)

Beautiful & Organic!

Sage has been considered a medicinal plant for many years due to its many therapeutic properties. Sage naturally contains oestrogens (female hormones) which, like Fenugreek, contribute to the healthy development of the breasts.

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Convincing in 5 points!

  • Contains female hormones;
  • Increases the volume of the breasts ;
  • Reduces sweat secretion ; Reduces bloating
  • Reduces bloating;
  • Allows you to become more feminine.

Valentine's opinion, our cross-dressing expert: 

Just like fenugreek, hops, fennel or brewer's yeast, sage will allow the breasts to develop more easily thanks to the female phyto-oestrogen hormones it contains. By following this cure, I could start to observe results after ¾ weeks, enough to encourage my efforts and continue my 3 month course. 

Directions for use: 

Take 3 capsules a day, with a meal. For optimal results, a 3 month course of treatment is recommended.

Capsule of 285 mg - Net weight of 32 g.

For 3 capsules: Sage* - Salvia officinalis L. 630mg.

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