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B-cup jumpsuit

For plunging necklines

This short B-cup suit allows men to become women in a matter of seconds, the time it takes to put on this silicone breast prosthesis.

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  • Soft silicone suit, B cup
  • Easy to put on from the top
  • Full breast prosthesis
  • Allows you to look 100% feminine
  • Bouncy and comfortable false breasts


The opinion of Valentine, our cross-dressing expert


Silicone warms up quickly to body temperature, even if it's a bit cold at first, and it's an elastic material, which makes it suitable for men. The false breasts are soft and bouncy, just as women's would be. You can complement this prosthesis with fine lingerie (leather or lace). It is best to put it on at the top as you would a simple t-shirt. Be careful, to avoid long-term discomfort, put on your feminization suit on bare and well-shaved skin.


Dimensions of the suit:


  • Weight: 2.31 kg
  • Neck size: 32 cm
  • Neck length in front: 9 cm
  • Neck length: 11 cm
  • Shoulder width: 34 cm
  • Upper bust line: 88 cm
  • Below bust line: 73 cm
  • Total length: 40 cm


More about the C cup suit

Tip: Put on this false breast suit on bare, shaved skin.

Our tip: Silicone is a cold material that warms up when it comes into contact with the warmth of the skin.

Put some talcum powder on the body before putting on for more ease

Care: hand wash with Soft Cleanser

For users weighing more than 100 kg or taller than 190 cm, the use of this product is not recommended.

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