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False breasts drop D

Volume max !

These teardrop shaped fake breasts are perfect for men who want to have a large chest to complete their cross-dressing. The volume is quite large, they are a D-cup and weigh 1000g. As they are D-cups, these breasts will stick better with the fake breast glue and have a better adhesion.

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  • 100% silicone;
  • Can be glued with the 50 ml false breast glue;
  • D-cup with quite a lot of volume
  • Texture similar to that of a breast;
  • Allows men to show off their breasts.


Valentine's opinion, our cross-dressing expert:


When I wear a large pair of fake breasts I usually implement certain techniques to make them fit better. First I shave my chest properly so that no hair is left, then I apply a lotion of alcohol at 90° to the place where I want to put these false breasts and finally I put them on, making sure that they are well fixed. These fake breasts are ideal because their texture is very pleasant to the touch and reminds you of the feeling of touching a real breast, enough to drive your partner crazy!


Pairs of fake breasts cannot be returned if they have already been worn, if they have traces of glue, if the adhesives have been removed for the pairs that include them.

Material: 100% silicone.  

D cup.

Shape : teardrop.

Weight : 1000 g.

Width : 11.9 cm.

Height : 17 cm.

Thickness : 6.5cm.

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