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Ivory Silicone Fake Nipples

Men's Realistic Nipples

Fake nipples can be used by men (or new women) to give the breast an even more natural look. They are very easy to apply and can last all day.

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  • Can be installed on a false chest
  • Permanent or temporary solution
  • Very natural look and feel (colours)
  • Simple and easy membership
  • Breast supplement for men


Valentine's opinion, our experience in cross-dressing

You can wear a t-shirt, tight blouse or any other close-fitting outfit without the risk of betraying the presence of false nipples. They can be placed over a breast form or directly on the skin without causing irritation.


Learn more about the Ivory Silicone Fake Nipples

  • Tip: put a drop of glue on each false nipple and place them on your body. Let the glue work for a few seconds and then get dressed.
  • Our tip: keep your false nipples in a cotton cloth and clean them after each use
  • Maintenance: hand wash with soapy water
  • Complementary products : breast prosthesis, fake breasts, glue for fake breasts


nipple width : 5 cm

nipple width : 1,5 cm


nipple width : 4 cm

nipple width : 1 cm

Small :

nipple width : 3.5 cm

nipple width : 1 cm

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