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Perfect Cleavage Tape (3 to 6 pairs)

An ultra sexy neckline.

The Perfect Cleavage Tape is an adhesive that can be used to replace your bras. With its two shapes of adhesive (L and T), it provides ideal support and brings the emerging breasts together to form a beautiful cleavage. Perfect for your cross-dressing, this breast adhesive allows you to wear plunging necklines without marking.

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  • Transparent.
  • Instantly lifts the chest.
  • Brings the breasts together for a sexy cleavage.
  • Very discreet.
  • Adhesive.


The opinion of Valentine, our cross-dressing expert

Your breasts are starting to grow but not yet enough to create a beautiful cleavage? Discover the Perfect Cleavage Tape, this adhesive will allow you to bring your budding breasts closer together to create a nice cleavage. You can finally wear your little dress and or that bare back you've been eyeing for a while. No more unsightly bra marks. Perfect Cleavage Tape is the miracle solution for transvestites.

More about Perfect Cleavage Tape (3 to 6 pairs)

Perfect Cleavage Tape consists of two types of adhesive (L- and T-shaped) and gives you cleavage even with small, emerging breasts. The L-shape lifts the chest from the sides and centres it to boost the cleavage. The T-shape provides the final support. Nothing sticks out anymore, its very discreet side finally allows a bit of audacity in your wardrobe.

Description (and composition)

  • - Adhesive bra: release paper 64.5%, polyethylene film 19.5%, acrylic copolymer adhesive 16%.
  • - Nipple covers: release paper 50%, non-woven polyester 30%, polymeric adhesive 20%.
  • - Brand: Bye Bra
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    a poser su peau bien s├Ęche, extra pour remonter la poitrine

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