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Silicone pads

Push-up effect

Silicone prostheses are perfect for displaying a beautiful transvestite bust under a t-shirt or tight blouse. Silicone fake breasts are totally invisible and allow you to round or even out your breasts.

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Convinced in 5 points :

  • False breasts, ideal for men
  • Comfortable breast prosthesis
  • Non-slip (for an excellent hold)
  • Provides a superb push-up effect
  • Suitable for cups B to D


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing

They can easily be slipped into a bra to increase the size and completely fill the cups. This is suitable for both men and women who sometimes have trouble finding the right bra size. No need to go through the surgeon's hand!


Learn more about the silicone pads

Silicone breast forms should be removed every night, washed and thoroughly dried to last. The false breasts can be cleaned with mild soap, warm water and a sponge cloth. Avoid rubbing them as much as possible. Store them in a box, wrapped in a soft fabric (velvet, cotton, or wool) that does not fray.

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  1. lelo75 - :

    perso je les glisses dans un soutien gorge avec des poches; ils restent en place

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