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Extra Extra Large Breast Pump

Win one to two cup sizes.

The Extra Large Breast Pump is perfect if you have large breasts and want to enlarge them even more. Designed for D and E cups, this pump has a non-return pumping technology to plump up your breasts to the maximum. Thanks to their transparent shells, you will be able to watch their evolution.

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  • Specially designed for D - E cups.
  • New pumping system and non-return valve.
  • Bell diameter: 15 cm
  • Bell depth: 17 cm
  • Plumps up your breasts.


The opinion of Valentine, our cross-dressing expert

You have nice breasts but you want more, without going under the knife. The breast pump is a solution, and moreover, we love it when it is transparent, you can see what you are doing! With it, you gain volume and you do it easily, in a few minutes each day. It's easy. The bell fits snugly around your breast for a smooth grip and gives you a pleasant suction when you pump.

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You finally have the breast of your dreams and your cleavage is generous and opulent. Use the device regularly for visible and lasting results. For 10 to 30 minutes a day, you gently stimulate your small cells and your skin without bursting your small blood vessels, which would make your décolletage look unsightly. You transform yourself a little more each day, without pain. If you find the pump too restrictive in its use, you can also opt for a capsule treatment or a gel, which can be better suited to a rhythmic lifestyle.

Description (and composition)

Capacity: 1 box

Brand Noogleberry

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  1. Pascal S - :

    je suis très satisfait du résultat que cela donne, je l'utilise presque tout les jours et le résultat est probant. Vraiment sa donne une satisfaction que je n'attendais pas.

    Pascal S -

  2. Pascal - :

    je suis satisfaite de l'effet de cette pompe sur mes seins merci de nous proposer des grandes tailles je commence a ressentir les picotements dont vous me parliez au niveau de la glande mammaires et c'est bien agreable merci encore pour vos conseils frederique

    Pascal -

  3. thalia - :

    super produit qui aide bien a avoir une belle poitrine

    thalia -

  4. michel - :

    très bon produit

    michel -

  5. michel - :

    incroyable vraiment super grande cloche pour mes seins

    michel -