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Fennel (120 capsules)

The ally of generous breasts.

You dream of a generous chest, or simply of a chest. Not easy when you are a transvestite or transgender. But it is a step in your transition. However, before you think about surgery, try the natural way to enhance the beauty of your breasts.

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  • Rich in plant-based estrogen.
  • Stimulates the mammary glands for beautiful breasts.
  • Increases the volume of the chest.
  • Natural method.
  • Easy grip.


Valentine's opinion, our experience in cross-dressing

Fennel (120 capsules) is one of those natural, painless methods that will give you satisfaction. This plant is particularly rich in plant-based oestrogen and helps to increase the volume of your breasts while caring for your skin and the shape of your breasts.


Learn more about Fennel (120 capsules)

If you can find it in several forms of consumption, here its capsule format makes it very easy to take. Take up to 2 capsules a day, spread over meals for ease of use, with a large glass of water. Continue the treatment for a few weeks to see the first results.

Ingredients for 2 capsules

Fennel 440mg

Gelatin envelope 150mg

Part used : seed

Foeniculum dulce. Ingredient : Fennel (Seed) Box of 120 capsules of 295 mg

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  1. nina1989 - :

    bon produit naturel, je prend également des graines de fenugrec en infusion.

    nina1989 -