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Hops (90 capsules)

To activate the hormones.

Boost your breasts naturally thanks to the natural phyto-oestrogens contained in Hops. Naturally swollen breasts for a stunning transvestite neckline.

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  • Contains phyto-oestrogens.
  • Produces a hormonal action
  • Produces beneficial effects on the mammary gland
  • Helps to improve sleep disorders 
  • Contains plant estrogens


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing

Used in Europe since the 7th century, hops were first appreciated as an aroma, before they were recognised as having medicinal properties. Hops contain a powerful plant-based oestrogen which is responsible for its breast-boosting activity. This plant is also used to treat cases of inappetence and sleep disorders.


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Take 2 capsules before each of the 3 main meals, with a large glass of water! Very simple. Not recommended for women with a personal or family history of breast cancer. Talk to your doctor.

Ingredients : Powder of hop cone (Humulus lupulus); capsule of vegetable origin.

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  1. nelly85 - :

    excellente plante pour la poitrine mais aussi pour la peau, les cheveux, apr├Ęs 3 mois, je recommande

    nelly85 -