Hops Cones (60 capsules) | Rigazo

Hops Cones (60 capsules)

Larger breasts.

You may have discovered on Rigazo natural methods to increase the size of your breasts such as fenugreek, fennel or brewer's yeast, discover today hop (60 capsules) which will allow you to increase the size of your breasts again without surgical help and without pain.

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  • Stimulated mammary gland.
  • Increases the firmness of the breasts thanks to the phyto-oestrogens.
  • More shapely chest.
  • Increased skin firmness.
  • Increased breast volume.


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing

This plant, which contains plant oestrogens, activates the mammary glands to gain volume and firmness. Your breasts are plumped up, more toned and you can finally fill a bra.


More about hops cones (60 capsules)

Hops contain a plant-based oestrogen with a potency of up to 20% compared to the famous oestradiol. It is this estrogen that gives it its breast-boosting activity. Easy to take as a course of treatment, take 6 capsules a day with a large glass of water. No time limit is indicated, but it is recommended to seek medical advice after 2 months.

Ingrédients for 6 caps

Houblon cone 1.2mg

Gélatine enveloppe : 450mg

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