Cream to boost the buttocks, adapted to transvestites
  • Buttocks Lifting Gel (60 ml)

    Bottle 60 ml
    BEST SELLERS ! Buttocks Lifting Gel (60 ml)
    A gentle lifting gel
    19,20 €

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  • Perfect Butt Booster Cream

    Tube 100 ml
    BEST SELLERS ! Perfect Butt Booster Cream
    For curved buttocks

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  • Butt booster (125 ml)

    Bottle 125 ml
    Butt booster (125 ml)
    Buttocks firming cream

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  • Butt Lift Cream (100ml)

    Bottle 100 ml
    Butt Lift Cream (100ml)
    For a firm buttock

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  • Butt Massage Oil (200ml)

    Bottle 100 ml
    Butt Massage Oil (200ml)
    For an incredible butt!

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  • Fesse Time - Toning purity care for the buttocks

    Bottle 200 ml
    Fesse Time - Toning purity care for the buttocks
    For bouncy buttocks

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  • Remodeling Mud Mask for the buttocks

    1 Bag
    Remodeling Mud Mask for the buttocks
    Reshaped buttocks
    4,50 €

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  • Shape &Show gel ( 50 ml)

    Bottle 50 ml
    Shape &Show gel ( 50 ml)
    Reshape your buttocks

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Buttock cream

Creams for sexy, rounded buttocks

Creams to increase the volume of the buttocks are recommended for male crossdressers who want to take care of their behind. These creams will smooth the skin and make the buttocks more toned and shapelier. This solution is less brutal than surgery, but just as effective. Over the weeks, your buttocks will become shapelier and better defined.  You will be able to confidently wear close-fitting clothing. Likewise, this will help you gently sculpt your dream figure. Your curves will be more feminine and plumped up. And some products are also perfect for massages before lovemaking. So, don’t hesitate to use them with your partner for more exciting foreplay!

Beauty products adapted to men’s needs

To magnify the buttocks, physical exercise is the solution that often first comes to mind. Only sport will not always burn fats stored on the glutes and firm the skin there. That it is why it is advised for crossdressers to apply creams. Thanks to these products, you are going to erase cellulite, smooth your skin and improve its firmness. Likewise, if you are dieting or if you have lost weight, they help you reduce the appearance of stretch marks. You can indulge yourself by wearing lingerie and beautiful outfits without feeling hung up about your behind! Especially as these creams enlarge the buttocks can be used every day, morning and evening. To take advantage of their effects, massage in an up-down movement.

Take advantage of our low prices on our treatments!

To help everyone find what they are looking for, our team offers a very complete range of products dedicated to crossdressers and transsexuals. In our store, you can purchase clothes, breast forms, accessories, beauty items, for your intimacy but also solutions to enlarge your buttocks. Selected by our crossdressing expert, our creams are perfect to shape firm and feminine attractive buttocks. For example, we have a lift gel and another push-up gel. Sold at low prices, they are discreetly and quickly delivered. Likewise, for your purchases, we are there to advise you and answer your questions. Also remember to read the opinions of our customers; they could guide you in your choice.