Jacket with stand-up collar and zip | Rigazo

Jacket with stand-up collar and zip

Let yourself be seduced!

Rigazo offers you this jacket entirely made of shiny metallic material that will perfectly complete your SM look. This one is dedicated to spicy pleasure, you can add a bonnet to have a total metallic look and be 100% submissive. The jacket emphasizes the back and the belly since they are in the open air, your silhouette will be at its best. The collar of the jacket rises high and has a decorative silver zip.

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Convinced in 5 points :

  • Shows the back and belly;
  • Gives a submissive look ;
  • For a perfect SM look ;
  • Ideal for transvestites;
  • Adds tension to your sex games. 


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing :


This jacket will be the centrepiece of your look, it can easily be added over a top such as a black t-shirt and can even be worn topless. It will show off your arms and shoulders, for extra hotness you can add a bonnet to your outfit.

One-sided zip - 1x, reinforcing seams.
PVC: 100% polyester.
Designed and manufactured in Europe.

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