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Anna Fake vagina

Flexible and penetrable.

Introducing the Anna Fake Vagina, an innovative and revolutionary prosthesis for transgenders, transvestites and drag queens who want to have a girl's vagina. Its youthful appearance is far from its main asset. Flexible, soft and tear-resistant, you slip your penis into the small pouch and your private parts are transformed into a female sex without surgery and in a flash.

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  • Made of silicone, non-toxic.
  • Narrow and juvenile labia.
  • Flexible and adjustable.
  • Penetrable.
  • Lays just where it's needed.


Valentine's opinion, our experience in cross-dressing

Adjustable if needed, the Anna Fake Vagina fits only where you need it for maximum discretion and effect! Made from durable, skin-like Lycra silicone, the silicone material prevents itching and is resistant to everything. Even urine, because you can go to the toilet like a lady thanks to the integrated semen and urine drain that allows you to pee sitting down.


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Rigazo particularly likes this prosthesis because the Anna fake vagina is penetrable, allowing you to have real sex without having to remove your silicone sex. You will finally be able to reach orgasm like a real woman. Its elasticity offers you incomparable comfort and suppleness for a long lasting use. Plus, it's easy to care for. And for a total transgender look, you can pair it with silicone boobs and finally put on the cleavage and mini-skirt you've been keeping in your wardrobe for that big moment.

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  1. pat75 - :

    le produit est parfait pour moi il est pénétrable comme je voulais et quand je me travestis en femme c'est bien

    pat75 -