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Silicone vagina prosthesis with hair

Guaranteed thrills

The prosthetic silicone vagina that we offer is hairy, which gives it a certain realism. It is composed of a double sheath designed for urination and penetration, which is a great plus for transvestites who are looking for new sensations. In addition, the silicone material gives it a natural and soft feel.

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Convinced in 5 points:

  • Prosthesis with hair ;
  • Micturition and penetration for more pleasure;
  • Silicone material for a natural feel;
  • Available in various sizes;
  • Perfect for men who want to cross-dress.


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing

This prosthesis is perfect for my partners who like hair, plus it's really realistic and allows for all night pleasure. I like to add body jewellery to make me even sexier than I already am...

Size S:

Waist size: 70 cm

Hip size: 82cm

Thigh size: 40 cm


Size M:

Waist size : 75 cm

Hip size : 91 cm

Thigh size : 53 cm


Size L:

Waist size : 82 cm

Hip size : 98 cm

Thigh size : 57 cm

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