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Vee-String Ultimate Brown

New 3-in-1 prosthesis.

For transgender women or men who wish to cross-dress, the Ultimate Brown Vee-string will allow you to explore the joys of the female gender. Multifunctional, you can use the prosthesis to urinate like a woman. You can also experiment with "vaginal" penetration and even simulate menstruation thanks to a ruler kit.

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Convinced... in 5 points!


- Pocket for urination.


- Penetration sheath.


- Brown pubic hair.


- Menstruation simulation with the menstruation kit.


- G-string effect.


Valentine's opinion, our cross-dressing expert

Rigazo, the shop for your cross-dressing, offers you a new 3-in-1 prosthesis that allows you to perform the basic feminine functions: menstruation, urination and penetration. So you can feel as feminine as possible. The Vee-String Ultime Brune, in thong format, allows you to slip into the skin of a woman in an instant. With this prosthesis, it is easy to urinate because it contains a bladder, adaptable to a maximum of penises, which is wedged inside and held so that it is not visible. If it's not a pouch, you can let the fluid out like a normal woman.

Learn more about the Vee-String Ultime Brune

But the two additional aspects we like about the Vee-String Ultime Brune is the vaginal sheath that offers a penetration option. This is designed to mimic the female anatomy as realistically as possible. The last essential feature to feel like a real woman is the integrated menstrual kit. You can simulate a period if you want to experience that feeling or totally illusion for your partner.

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  1. Coquine S - :

    Super produit j'ai vraiment l'impression d'être une vraie femme, j'ai hâte de tester le produit pour avoir mes règles ???? perso je suis fan ????????????

    Coquine S -

  2. gaelv - :

    suis interesse mais difficile de comprendre comment fonctionne cet objet avec la seule photo fournie.

    gaelv -

  3. alex66 - :

    c'est la prothèse vaginale la mieux je trouve et en plus la possibilité de faire comme les femmes et d'avoir ses règles c'est génial ca procure un grand plaisir

    alex66 -