Amandine Magnetic false eyelashes | Rigazo

Amandine Magnetic false eyelashes

Magnet attachment.

Rigazo thinks of small accessories for men in drag to complete your feminine look, like with the Amandine magnetic false eyelashes. The most annoying thing when you try false eyelashes the first time is to put the glue on well and that it keeps your false eyelashes in place until the end of your day or evening. No more worries with Amandine Magnetic False Lashes.

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Convinced… in 5 points !

  • With two magnets for a strong grip.
  • Does not damage the eyelashes.
  • Easy to put for transvestites.
  • For a more intense gaze.
  • 2 sets of lashes.


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing

With two magnets for easy on and off, they keep your beauty accessories securely in place, even when you sweat. So you can flutter your eyelashes for longer.


Learn more about Amandine magnetic false eyelashes

Amandine magnetic false eyelashes come in two rows for twice the effect. Stored in a magnetic box, you can keep them safe. To use them, simply place the first row on the top lashes, flush with them. Place the second row underneath and the magnets stick together. It's easy!

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  1. claudine de st etien - :

    un bon produit car plus besoin de colle qui me brulait les yeux un peu et tres facile à mettre

    claudine de st etien -