False nails for the hands and feet of male crossdressers
  • Red false nails for crossdressers

    1 Box
    BEST SELLERS ! Red false nails for crossdressers
    Enhance your hands

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  • Fake zebra nails for transvestites

    1 Box
    Fake zebra nails for transvestites
    A feline touch on your hands

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  • French manicured false nails for crossdressers

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    Magnificent manicured false nails

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  • Pink idyllic false nails for transvestites

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    Pink idyllic false nails for transvestites
    For divine nails

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False nails

False nails for male crossdressers

To be feminine right through to your fingertips, without having to make an appointment at a nail bar, we offer our range of false nail kits. Easy to apply, they are perfect for beautifying your hands. In our store, you will find a varied selection of styles for male crossdressers as well as foot items. You can wear sandals and reveal your beautifully coloured toes. Whether for day or night wear, or for a special event, they are perfect for completing your transformation in the comfort of your own home.

Accessories to enhance your hands and feet

It’s not easy to have perfectly groomed, long and manicured nails every day. They can split, break or find it difficult to grow. It is also difficult for some people to stop biting their nails. And bitten nails are not the most attractive. That is why false nails are very practical! Just apply them on top of yours and off you go! Your hands and feet are more feminine. Thanks to this solution, you can have a great manicure look in all circumstances. In our online store dedicated to male crossdressers, you have a choice between several references. So, don’t hesitate to vary colours and patterns!

Easy-to-use products and high quality

All the items available on our website perfectly satisfy the needs of male crossdressers. They can be applied on bitten, broken, damaged nails, on the hands or feet. They are sold in kits containing between 24 and 28 nails. You will always have a few spare, in case any fall off - and be sure to find your size. Glue is also supplied in each kit, so you can use them as soon as you receive them. Application is easy. Just polish your nails, apply the glue and position the false nails. Just press for ten or so seconds and wait for everything to dry. And as they are solid, you can keep them on at night, which avoids having to repeat the operation every day. These accessories will mean you will not have to intervene for a few days!