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Skin-coloured Gaff panties

Camel toe panties

This gaff panty will cover your attributes thanks to the width of the model on the front which will allow you to flatten the man's front to become a woman.

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Convinced… in 5 points !

  • Imitation female camel toe
  • Wearing tight clothes at last
  • Very comfortable sex cover
  • Perfect feminization
  • Concealed penis, large lips of the woman depicted!


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing

This skin-coloured gaff panty is the perfect lingerie for your feminisation (use our skin adhesive in addition for the best effect). This integrated "camel toe" panty is designed to keep transvestites' masculine attributes well hidden by giving a flat front with a woman's vulva shape.


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Finally, wear trousers that fit your crotch so snugly that they fit the shape of your new lips! You can also wear ultra-slim skirts without noticing that annoying bump. Designed to be feminine, these gaff panties are extremely comfortable and will help you feel sexy.

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  1. helena13 - :

    bluffant sous un pantalon moulant, belle trouvaille merci

    helena13 -