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Micropore Transparent Tucking Adhesive

Gently holds the penis

Masking one's sex when one is a transvestite is quite an art: tucking. To do this, find the Micropore adhesive that allows you to fix your intimacy with no pain.

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Convinced... in 5 points!

  • Benefit of excellent skin tolerance
  • Microporous and very permeable to air and perspiration
  • Adhesive roll for sensitive skin
  • Reliable and painless fixing
  • Allows the skin to breathe


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing

Micropore is a hypoallergenic microporous plaster.
It is designed to hold on thin or fragile skin and will allow you to achieve a perfect feminisation when tucking by minimising secondary skin reactions to adhesives.


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You can use this tape for the tucking method. Transparent, microporous, allows the skin to breathe, very adherent but easy to remove.

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  1. magdalena - :

    enfin un adhésif qui tient ! et permet de cacher la bosse provoquée par un sexe d'homme je le recommande à toutes les "filles" comme moi

    magdalena -

  2. allessandra85 - :

    Adepte du tucking pour la sensation de feminité que ça me procure.Merci pour vos produits de qualité

    allessandra85 -