Choice of boas and mittens for transvestite men
  • Darkie Mittens

    1 Box
    BEST SELLERS ! Darkie Mittens
    Covers the entire forearm.

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  • Etheria Gloves

    1 Box
    BEST SELLERS ! Etheria Gloves
    For a romantic effect.

    13,20 € Add to cart
  • Mid-length lace and lace-up gloves

    1 Box
    BEST SELLERS ! Mid-length lace and lace-up gloves
    Put the finishing touch to your sensual ...
    11,08 €

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  • Mid-length lace gloves

    1 Box
    BEST SELLERS ! Mid-length lace gloves
    A must-have
    10,08 €

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  • Short fishnet gloves

    1 Box
    BEST SELLERS ! Short fishnet gloves
    It\'s easy to get beautiful, feminine ...
    5,25 €

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  • Black sleeves

    1 Box
    Black sleeves
    To hide your unwanted hair
    7,90 €

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  • Knitted gloves

    1 Box
    Knitted gloves
    pretty hands

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  • Luiza mittens

    1 Box
    Luiza mittens
    Divine hands

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  • Miamor gloves

    1 Box
    Miamor gloves
    Sensuality in lace

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  • Transparent mesh gloves

    1 Box
    Transparent mesh gloves
    Beautiful to your fingertips

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  • White sleeves

    1 Box
    White sleeves
    female arms

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Gloves and boas

Mittens and gloves for male crossdressers

Our online store, specializing in the sale of items for crossdressers, has a complete catalogue of references. From clothing to accessories, from lingerie, false buttocks to silicone prostheses, you will find all you need to dress as a woman, whether every day or from time to time. To complete your outfits with an original and feminine touch, you can wear a boa or gloves. Our website features a wide choice of styles available at low prices. Delivered quickly and discreetly, our products for men are of good quality and can be used for day or night wear.

Indispensable items to complete your transformation

For centuries, it was customary for women of the world to wear gloves to go out, whatever the season. Over the years, this tradition has fallen into disuse and today, we only wear gloves to protect against the cold in winter. However, fishnet or lace gloves can still be found, and they are an elegant way to accessorize an outfit. There are also more sexy styles that are perfect for more “adult” evenings. Male crossdressers can also wear a boa on their shoulders to complete a look. Worn with a dress, it gives a retro, elegant style These feminine accessories are accessible to all, whether you are starting on your transformation journey or are a regular crossdresser.

Accessorize your outfits to suit your mood!

Don’t neglect small details when you dress as a woman! Remember accessories such as long gloves to make your hands slimmer and sexy and a boa for a more burlesque touch. And if you are looking for quality items at affordable prices, you will find what you need in our collection! The choice is endless, between latex, fishnet or fine lace gloves that stop at the elbow or wrist. We regularly add new references to satisfy the needs of male crossdressers. For each product, we indicate the composition, give advice on use and care. And if you have any questions, our team is there to answer, so don’t hesitate to contact us!