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50 Disposable wooden spatulas

Hair removal for transvestite men

Wooden spatulas are an essential tool during hair removal for transvestite men during their feminisation. They are used to spread warm or hot wax on the face.

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  • Set of 50 spatulas.
  • Disposable, single-use spatula.
  • Body and face.
  • Good grip in hand.
  • Allows high precision.


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing :

This wooden spatula helps the user to finely distribute the wax on the parts to be treated. The handy handling of the tool makes it a popular tool for those who use it. This wooden tool helps to apply the wax to the targeted area of the face or the area that is difficult to access. Hair removal for men is always a pain without the right tools and these spatulas are very effective.


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To use a spatula, heat the wax before starting. Then dip the spatula into it. Use the spatula to spread the wax over the face. Repeat until the wax is applied to the entire area.

50 spatulas


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  1. frederic - :

    accessoire à avoir dans sa salle de bain quand on s'épile à la cire comme moi.

    frederic -