Extensible black snake bracelet | Rigazo

Extensible black snake bracelet

Snake made of black stones and silver.

Rigazo loves the Black Snake stretch bracelet because of its unique style with its black stones and silver colour, and because of its long and wide waist to refine your forearms and wrists.

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Convinced… in 5 points !

  • Snake pattern.
  • Black and silver stones.
  • Extensible bracelet.
  • For all body shapes.
  • Hide your wrists.


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing

He told Eve to bite the apple. Will you follow his advice? In the meantime, keep it close to you by wearing it as a bracelet. The Black Snake stretch bracelet is a trendy design, ideal to accessorise your feminine outfits and hide your wrists when you wear short sleeves. And if you wear a sleeveless dress or corset, it will completely enhance your arms.


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This jewel is ideal for a successful cross-dressing and it will underline with elegance and chic your femininity.

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  1. bruno36 - :

    j ai craqué sur cet article et ca s'accorde tres bien avec mes tenues de travestis que j ai déjà à la maison

    bruno36 -