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Pearl Rain Necklace

Look like a star!

This bead rain necklace is incredibly beautiful, it falls nicely on the neckline so as to dress it. Just slip it around the back of your neck and you’re done. Thus, it makes the chest more realistic and allows to hide a torso a little too masculine.

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Convinced in 5 points! 


  • Dress the neckline; 
  • Makes the chest more realistic;
  • Easy to put on and wear;
  • Feminizes the appearance;
  • Perfect accessory for dressing.


The opinion of Valentine our expert in transvesting: 

This is the necklace I love most of all the accessories I own, I will explain why. It fits easily and there is no need to see it with a clasp, it dresses the chest by falling on the breasts in an elegant way. I love its design, I wear it whenever I have the opportunity!

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