Black false lash glue 7 grams | Rigazo

Black false lash glue 7 grams

A glue with a volume effect

The 7 g Black False Lash Glue for Transvestites is perfect to make them last all night long during your cross-dressing, thanks to its good adherence and long-lasting hold, while preserving your skin.

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  • Long-lasting.
  • Guaranteed effectiveness.
  • Suitable for all cross-dressing men's eyelashes.
  • Eyeliner effect
  • Intense black


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing

How to apply false eyelashes when you are a transvestite? Choose your false eyelashes and try them on without glue to make sure you place them correctly. Place it directly on your false eyelashes and let the glue dry after applying it. Most false eyelashes for men are sold with a small tube of glue that is usually very liquid. But when it is liquid, it has an annoying tendency to slip off. And therefore potentially ruin the make-up. So once applied to the false eyelashes, it is left to dry for two minutes so that it becomes more pasty and "sets" immediately on contact with the make-up skin (hence the importance of testing their positioning first).



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  1. golda - :

    tres efficace et pour une bonne durée toute la soirée merci

    golda -