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Fake nails stickers Rose Fée

A tailor-made manicure

Turn your nails into a pink dream with the box of 12 Fake Fairy Pink Nail Stickers. 4 different types of decoration, in a fairy pink color and that adapt to all styles. Easy and fast application for a fairytale result!

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Convinced... in 5 points :


  • Fake nails.
  • Box of 12 mismatched false nails.
  • 4 different types of decoration.
  • Pink colour.
  • Easy application.


Valentine's opinion, our cross-dressing expert:

These false nails are very original and feminine thanks to their 4 different types of decorations with which you can alternate to personalise your manicure. You can therefore alternate between a decoration. Pink stripes, plain pink, or all glitter, it's up to you to see what you like! And what's more, their application is easy, no need for glue, you just have to press the false nails on your nail for a few seconds and it's done.

Learn more about Rose Fée's self-adhesive false nails:

For a totally sensual and original look, it is important to think about all the details, including your nails. For this we have the solution, these beautiful false nail stickers, thanks to the 4 different decorations, you can create your own manicure not to go unnoticed! So go for this original and innovative mix of false nails!

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