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Fake raspberry nails for transvestites

Gourmet raspberry pink colour.

How to apply false nails when you are a transvestite? If you don't want to go to the trouble of applying nails and varnish during your feminization, keep it simple, choose the "all in 1" formula with already coloured false nails, like these raspberry false nails for transvestites.

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  • Raspberry pink colour.
  • Fake large nails for transvestite men.
  • Set of 24 false nails.
  • Glue provided.
  • 12 sizes for male hands.


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing

With its gourmand colour reminiscent of wandering through vegetable gardens, you can let your hands wander with confidence. With a neat and clean effect, they will easily hide your damaged nails by their width and will lengthen your hands by their length. You can also trim them to your liking if the size or shape doesn't suit you.


Learn more about fake raspberry nails for transvestites

When a man becomes a woman: Put a drop of glue on your real nail and a drop of glue on the part of the fake nail to be glued (not on the part that sticks out). Carefully place the false nail directly on the nail so that the base fits the shape of your nail. Press on it and hold the pressure for 10 seconds so that the glue sets. Be careful not to use too much glue. The product could otherwise spill over the sides. A few drops of glue will suffice. If the glue overflows, gently remove it with a cotton swab.

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