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Lash Extension Mascara

Volum XXL !

This eyelash extension mascara offers a specially designed brush/formula combination that does not damage the eyelash extension application. The curvature of the brush adapts perfectly to the natural shape of the eye. It can also be used on lashes that do not have extensions.

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  • Dedicated to eyelash extensions;
  • Does not damage the lash application;
  • Allows you to create a doe-eyed look ; Easy to remove
  • Easy to remove;
  • Perfect for cross-dressing. 


Valentine's opinion, our cross-dressing expert: 

An eyelash extension is ideal when you're tired of having to put on mascara too often, apply false lashes. Knowing that normally you should not put mascara over an eyelash extension at the risk of damaging them, this mascara is a rare pearl since it is perfectly adapted to be applied over an eyelash extension!

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