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Make-up sponge

Flawless make-up finish

While some transvestites try their hand at foundation brushes like the pros, it's much easier to apply foundation, tinted moisturiser or concealer with a make-up sponge.

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  • Oval shape.
  • Made of latex.
  • Allows for impeccable finishes.
  • For a uniform make-up.
  • Can be used wet or dry.


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing

What's the point of applying foundation with a sponge rather than with your fingers, you might ask? The result is simply not the same. While the fingers melt the material until it is almost imperceptible, the sponge leaves a little bit.


Learn more about the make-up sponge

It is easy to recognise a latex make-up sponge. Often white, it is distinguished by its very closed texture. It absorbs foundation well, but it must be pressed lightly to release it onto the skin. Its advantage: it offers a very controlled application and allows you to insist on certain areas or on the contrary to have a lighter hand on others. Don't forget, hygiene is PRIMOR-DIAL! It is necessary to wash your make-up sponge after each use. If necessary, throw it away.

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  1. claudine8898 - :

    indispensable pour le fond de teint, évite les traces.

    claudine8898 -

  2. kiki59 - :

    merci à l'équipe commerciale de penser à tous ce dont on a besoin pour se faire belle avec des nouveautés régulièrement. Cela permet de tout acheter au même endroit et la livraison est super rapide.

    kiki59 -