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Make-up sponge with perfect complexion

Fits everywhere.

How do you apply make-up when you're in drag? Easier to use than a brush, the sponge allows for impeccable application. While there are several types of sponges, it is good to know that the most practical is undoubtedly the spherical sponge, such as the perfect complexion make-up sponge.

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  • Sexy pink colour.
  • Diameter of 7 cm. 
  • Removes excess.
  • Leaves no trace.
  • Easy to maintain.


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing

This accessory is ideal for applying matte foundations during your transformation into a woman (and even those that are a bit thick, as it has the gift of making all textures very natural).


Learn more about the Perfect Skin Sponge

To use it, there's no need to complicate your life. Simply place your foundation on the sponge and stretch it over your face as you feminise. Its shape is ideal for all the little corners, like the wings of the nose. Easy to care for, simply place it under water and rinse it off with soap. Do not hesitate to do it regularly to make it last.

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  1. bienfaitepourtoi - :

    forme parfaite pour aller sur les ailes du nez, sans laisser de trace

    bienfaitepourtoi -