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Nordic Beard Cover

Perfect complexion!

How to hide beard hair when transforming into a woman? Rigazo's Nordique beard concealer will camouflage grey areas of the skin as well as beard growth on fair skin. It is used as a make-up base to prepare the skin and make it more homogeneous in order to offer a professional look.

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Convinced in 5 points!


  • High coverage ;
  • Foundation for fair skin;
  • Offers a perfect transformation;
  • Convenient packaging with shiseido sponge
  • Optimal hair coverage.


Valentine's opinion our cross-dressing expert: 

Rigazo beard concealer offers a result worthy of a professional, its high coverage power erases your beard or morning shaving marks as well as small defects such as redness. Thus, your feminization is successful. I often use it during my shows because it allows the make-up to stay put. It is available in Latin and Nordic shades, so it can be used on matte skin during the summer!

Directions for use: 

Apply it by patting your cheeks with the shiseido sponge on all the areas that need coverage, a built-in mirror will help you target the areas. It can also be used to conceal imperfections such as pimples, redness, etc. As a makeup base, it has strong covering power and allows for long-lasting makeup wear as it gently prepares the skin for makeup. Once the base is applied, you can apply your foundation if necessary.

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