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Soft nail polish remover

Nail beauty

Beautiful hands are important when you're in drag. Opt for a discreet or flashy manicure whatever your look is. Removes make-up from both natural and artificial nails without drying, damaging or bleaching nails and cuticles. Its acetone-free formula, enriched with silk protein, cares for nails while removing make-up.

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Convinced…in 5 points :

  • Mild nail polish remover 70 ml
  • Acetone-free
  • For nail polish and false nails
  • Fast and efficient 
  • Does not damage nails

Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing

This nail polish remover has a double use, to remove the nail polish on your nails and also for false nails. It is not harmful to your nails as it does not dry out, damage or bleach them. It will be very practical when you are dressing up to change from a sexy colour for parties to a less conspicuous colour for everyday life.

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  1. thibault24 - :

    tres bien enleve toute trace de vernis

    thibault24 -

  2. fabian427 - :

    bon produit qui ne d├ęseche pas et ne blanchit pas

    fabian427 -

  3. Ghislaine - :

    Ce dissolvant est efficace

    Ghislaine -