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Underworld Lenses (1 year)

For a badass look

Do you want to have an enchanting look? Try the Underworld lenses which are reusable for 1 year. These lenses are a very light blue and the edge of the lens is dark black. We remind you that it is imperative to take them out when you go to bed.

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Convinced in 5 points :


  • One year duration;
  • For a new look ;
  • Comfortable for the eyes ;
  • Easy to remove;
  • Ideal for a theme party.


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing :


I never took the time to apply lenses at my theme parties because I found it too long, boring and frustrating. Since I discovered the Fashion Lenses range I can't live without them. They are so easy to put in and take out that it is no longer a problem for me.


1 year .
Without correction.
Base contour : 8.6 mm.
Diameter: 14.50mm.
Material : Polymacon.
Hydrophilicity : 38% water.

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