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Mini purple nipple pump

Pump and rings for your nipples

If you were familiar with the electric breast developer, try the manual one. The mini purple nipple pump has several advantages over the other one. With its small purple pear-shaped pump, you can stimulate and develop your or your partner's nipples manually for total control.

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  • Gentle stimulation of the nipples.
  • Expands the size of your nipples.
  • 2 pairs of large and small rings supplied.
  • Pear-shaped pump.
  • Manual control.


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing

Its transparent tip allows you to follow the progress and titillate the nipples as you wish. It works effectively on men's breasts, either to sensitise them or to develop them.


Learn more about the mini purple nipple pump

Rigazo knows that for some trans people, breast size is important. And before reaching the point of prostheses or breast surgery, they go through various breast development techniques. You might as well take pleasure in your personal evolution! And this is the case with the purple mini nipple pump, which also comes with two pairs of rings of different sizes to put on your nipples to stimulate them. It's up to you.

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