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Beige false hip boxer

For true-to-life hips

You can change your appearance in an impressive way. You can give the impression of having more feminine hips by enhancing them with these shaping and padded panties for transvestites. Simply slip on your boxer shorts and you'll have the curves you've always wanted.

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  • Boxer shorts for men
  • False hips
  • Feminises your hips
  • Shapes and girdles
  • Maintains the sex


Valentine's opinion, our cross-dressing expert

These shaping and sheathing boxer briefs will give you beautiful shapes. The curves of your hips will be much more feminine. These tight boxer briefs will also keep your sex flattened and reduce its shape as much as possible. For a more feminine waistline and shape, these beige false hip boxers are the simplicity you need.

More about the beige false hip boxer

Slips on easily like a boxer.

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  1. pam69 - :

    bon apport de volume dommage pas très sexy

    pam69 -