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Linda mature woman Fake vagina

Experienced woman.

When you cross-dress, you want to reveal your inner woman. And that woman is an experienced woman. So it has to show through to your sex. That's why Rigazo offers you the Linda mature vagina, an essential accessory for a successful transformation.

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Convinced… in 5 points !

  • Penetrable for real sensations.
  • Allows you to urinate sitting down.
  • Developed in silicone Lycra for a truly soft touch.
  • Flexible, durable and adjustable for comfort.
  • Large, elegant labia.


Valentine's opinion, our experience in cross-dressing

Ultra discreet, it can be slipped over the penis to hide the essentials and be worn like a second skin. Say goodbye to your old sheathing panties! This innovative vaginal prosthesis made of non-toxic silicone is flexible, tear-resistant and its support bands can be shortened or sewn on if they are too long for maximum comfort. The wide, elegant labia emphasise your feminine side, not your girlish side. You'll love it.


Learn more about the Linda mature woman fake vagina

What you'll like even more is that with the Linda Mature Vagina you can pee sitting down on the toilet like a woman, thanks to its integrated semen and urine drain. And that's not all! You can have sex and orgasms with a penis, a sextoy or a vibrator. What a way to reach erotic heights when you are a transvestite! You can wear it for a moment or all day long, and dress in a sexy way by adding breast prostheses to complete your transformation into a total feminine look. You won't be able to do without it.

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  1. hugues - :

    j'ai bien les lèvres de ce produit ca change un peu j vais l'autre avant et je préfère ce modèle en silicone quand je me change en femme

    hugues -