Choice of sex toys for the pleasure of transvestites
  • Deep Secret Anal Chaine

    1 Box
    BEST SELLERS ! Deep Secret Anal Chaine
    3 balls of different diameters.

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  • Bee Anal Plug

    1 Sextoy
    Bee Anal Plug
    Taste it!

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  • Black masturbation glove

    1 Box
    Black masturbation glove
    Spines and veins for more sensuality.

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  • Bumping Balloon Anal Plug

    1 Box
    Bumping Balloon Anal Plug
    A deep pleasure...

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  • Double dong 45cm

    1 Item
    Double dong 45cm
    Games for two or alone.

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  • Geisha Diamond Plug M

    1 Sextoy
    Geisha Diamond Plug M
    The pleasure that fits in your hand!

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  • Geisha Ruby Plug

    1 Sextoy
    Geisha Ruby Plug
    Explore anal pleasure

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  • Large Silicone Cage

    1 Box
    Large Silicone Cage
    For large sizes.

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  • Mini vibro mini Must

    1 Sextoy
    Mini vibro mini Must
    Enjoy erotic evenings

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  • Pink Heart Plug

    1 Box
    Pink Heart Plug
    A real gem!

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  • Plug vibrant Drill

    1 Sextoy
    Plug vibrant Drill
    Give yourself a thrill

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  • Realistic suction cup dildo 23 cm

    1 Box
    Realistic suction cup dildo 23 cm
    Suction cup and soft touch.

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  • Rimming vibrating plug

    1 Sextoy
    Rimming vibrating plug
    12 cm of happiness

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  • Set of 3 Joyas pink plugs

    Set of 3 items
    Set of 3 Joyas pink plugs
    3 sizes for more pleasure

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  • Small Silicone Cage

    1 Box
    Small Silicone Cage
    For small treasures.

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  • Triplet Vibrant Plug

    1 Box
    Triplet Vibrant Plug
    Intense feelings

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  • Vibrant Novice Plug

    1 Box
    Vibrant Novice Plug
    Ideal for beginners

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  • Vibrating belt dildo 20 cm

    1 Box
    Vibrating belt dildo 20 cm
    Dimensions to make you feel good

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  • Vibrating belt dildo 29 cm

    1 Box
    Vibrating belt dildo 29 cm
    Dimensions to make you vibrate with ...

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  • Vibrating jewellery plug

    1 Box
    Vibrating jewellery plug
    For maximum pleasure

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Sex and adult toys for male crossdressers

Do you want to spice up your foreplay and sex life? Discover new pleasures in your relationships or alone? Let yourself be tempted by our sextoys. Our store offers several models, from the more conventional to the most original, for male crossdressers. Delivered quickly and discreetly, these adult accessories will give you a good time and give free rein to your fantasies. With these adult toys, you can try out new erotic games, whatever suits your fancy!

Discover new sensations...

Sextoys can be used in many different circumstances. During foreplay, in addition to caresses, for example, to pleasure yourself if you are single but also during sex. The possibilities are endless. You decide how you want to use them! Especially as these accessories also open up a whole world of unprecedented pleasure! This is namely the case of the anal plug which stimulates the prostrate of male crossdressers to reveal unique sensations. Vibrators are also ideal for stimulating erogenous zones. And if you opt for a small model, you can carry it around in a bag and use it on your weekend breaks and when you travel. Whether for anal or vaginal use or both, these adult toys are easy to use, with or without lube.

A varied selection of references

Our team offers several sextoys in our online store for the pleasure of male crossdressers. Regardless of your fantasies, you will find what you are looking for in a few clicks. From martinet whips to cufflinks to mini-vibrators, there’s something for all tastes! You will also have a choice between different plugs. Available in all sizes, colours and materials, these intimate jewels are ready to satisfy all transsexuals. Each product comes with a data sheet providing information on its use. And if you have any questions, our team is there to answer and advise you in your purchases.