Black masturbation glove | Rigazo

Black masturbation glove

Spines and veins for more sensuality.

Fisting is in fact an extremely delicate art that requires surgical skills in gentleness and self-control. A sexual act of rare intimacy that provides breathtaking pleasures when successful, but which requires absolute trust between the two partners, as well as a lot of patience. That's why Rigazo offers you today the black masturbation glove, ideal for solo pleasures but also and especially for anal fisting.

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  • In black silicone.
  • Spine texture on 4 fingers.
  • Ribbed thumb and hand.
  • Small mouth between thumb and index finger for more sensations.
  • Ideal for fisting.


Valentine's opinion, our experience in cross-dressing

With its 4 fingers with spiny texture to play on the sensations during the "digging" and the ribbed thumb and hand, you have the choice between pleasures. You will also appreciate the small detail of this sextoy: its small mouth located between the thumb and the index finger allows an additional stimulation. So you can play sensually and voluptuously in this very sensitive area.


Learn more about the black masturbation glove

First of all, it's best to be clear about what fist-fucking isn't: contrary to popular urban legend, it's not about clenching your fist before inserting it where it wants to go. The world is softer than it seems. And adding an accessory like the black masturbation glove is going to be a definite plus for your solo moments or with your partner.

19 x 14,10 x 3,10cm

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  1. auryana - :

    quand mon partenaire m'a donné ça .... oulala ...

    auryana -