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Dominique Elastique (20 ml)

Pleasant penetration!

Let yourself be tempted by Dominique Elastique, it is a product full of analgesic, antispasmodic and herbal muscle relaxants. Dominique relaxant works to promote anal elasticity, alleviate pain and broaden pleasure. Thus, penetration will now be more pleasant and sodomy a real part of pleasure!

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Convinced in 5 points!


  • Promotes anal elasticity;
  • Reduces the pain;
  • Intense pleasure;
  • Rapid effect;
  • Ideal for anal sex practices.


The opinion of Valentine our expert in transvesting:

Often, during anal intercourse with my partner, we take pleasure but after some time of adaptation. Since we use Dominique Elastique in treatment, we no longer have this concern because the moment of penetration is more pleasant than ever. This product allows to relax the muscles and thus offer a state of relaxation allowing anal penetration.

Tips for use:

17 drops per day to be taken during the day or before the appointment. Can be consumed in a 14-day cure or on an ad hoc basis. Not recommended for people with allergy to salicylated derivatives, people on anticoagulant therapy, children and adolescents.

Ingredients (for 17 drops): Purified water; Stabilizer: glycerin; Aroma; Willow extract 27 mg (EPS* 324 mg); Colour: grape anthocyanins**; Passionflower extract 13 mg (EPS* 80 mg); Lavender extract 12.5 mg (EPS* 50 mg); Edulcorant: stevia extract; Hawthorn extract 5 mg (EPS* 50 mg); Acidifier: citric acid; Preservatives: potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate.


* Dry plant equivalent. 

** Contains sulphites.

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