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Large Silicone Cage

For large sizes.

This large silicone cage is practical with its plastic padlocks because thanks to this you can wear it during your travels and journeys without triggering the beeps of the gantries.

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Convinced in 5 points:

  • High quality chastity cage.
  • Transparent silicone.
  • 2 rings of your choice, openings at the end.
  • Solid and comfortable.
  • Plastic padlock for travel.


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing

Do you want to remain chaste? Try the Large silicone cage. Comfortable, it can be worn even during physical activities and is non-irritating thanks to its composition. The little extra: its front openings so you can go to the little corner without having to remove it. With its 2 rings to choose from, you can easily adapt it to small sizes. Flexible, you can wear it discreetly under your clothes. With this chastity cage, you can enjoy a virgin enjoyment of all external assaults.


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To clean it, simply detach the tube and wash it with soap and water or a sextoycleaner. Its openings allow you to clean it without opening it.


 1 cage (total length : 110mm, internal length: 88mm, Ø 35mm), 2 silicone rings : 48mm and 52mm, 1 brass padlock, 5 numbered plastic locks, 2 strong plastic belts and 2 nylon pins.

- Brand : Malesation

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