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Favorita stockings

Sexier and more feminine than ever

These hold ups are a symbol of femininity and a sexy, provocative side that makes you feel even more like a woman. Innocent looking, the flowery lace and shimmering polka dots give you a touch of fantasy, reinforcing your seductive and addictive power. Sexy and feminine stockings are all you need to assert yourself as a femme fatale.

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Convinced… in 5 points !

  • Self-fixing stockings  
  • Flowery lace 
  • Shimmering dots 
  • Sexy and feminine stockings
  • Suitable for men in drag 


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing

When I transform into a woman I like to have that seductive power and feel sexy and feminine. Putting on these stockings is one more step towards a successful transformation that is sure to please. The lace and polka dot patterns dress up these stockings to give them even more femininity. For comfort combined with the pleasure of feeling feminine and sexy, these stockings are ideal. 


More about favorita stockings  

Sheer patterned stockings with delicate lurex polka dots and a fancy lace garter. The toes are reinforced for optimum comfort and durability.


87% polyamide

12% elastane

1% metallic thread

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