Red braided suit | Rigazo

Red braided suit

A dream body!

Would you like to find a new way to brighten up your sexual relations and rekindle the flame between you and your partner? What better way than to sport a sexy silhouette by wearing a pretty jumpsuit made entirely of red lace. This one is open at the level of the intimate parts and thus leaves free access to your partner. This outfit is ideal for both dominant and submissive people. So choose the role you want to play ...

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Convinced in 5 points! 

  • Available in size : S/M/L ; 
  • Perfect for transvestites with SM tendencies; 
  • Sexy red lace ; 
  • Let your private parts appear; 
  • Your forms will be highlighted. 

Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing 

What could be better for a Sissy than to wear an outfit that fits her perfectly? It leaves your private parts exposed which will make it easier for your partner to do what he wants with you... Your dominant will lust after you like he never has before, so show him without taboo that you are a good submissive Sissy ready to do anything to obey him, and if you don't obey him, watch out for your punishment... 

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