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Red patent pumps 7.5cm

Real slippers for your feet

The 7.5cm red patent pumps have several advantages for your figure: they develop calf muscles and lengthen your legs and figure. They are a real slipper for your feet and will match your sexiest outfits thanks to their shiny red look. It is an open shoe, with a low cut, thin sole and often refined.

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Convinced… in 5 points !

  • Ideal height for foot and back comfort.
  • Glossy red varnish.
  • Sizes from 42 to 45.
  • Sexy and glamorous effect.
  • Refines the figure.


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing

The wearer of these shoes displays a certain self-confidence and assumes the sexuality that emerges from them: the bust forward, the rump backward. This type of model refines, elevates and feminizes the walk. The fan of the pump needs to be in the game of seduction. The transvestite uses this accessory to give himself confidence. The pump has a strong erotic power and gives an impression of power. Perfect when you are a naughty transgender.


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A tried and tested method of walking in high heels is to stand up straight (resist the temptation to lean forward), hold your stomach in place and, when you take a step, use your thigh muscles. Raise your thigh so that your toes leave the ground last. Take a step and land gently on your heel as if you were putting it on the ground at the same time as your toes. And you'll look like a real woman.

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  1. vaness du 62 - :

    J'adore le côté sex et je me sens bien avec

    vaness du 62 -