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Dotty Chastity Cage XXL 11 x 4cm

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The Dotty XXL chastity cage is an accessory designed for moments of intimate submission. It is made of a rigid shell that encloses the penis and thus prevents it from developing a complete erection. Its length is 11 cm and its inner width is 4 cm.

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  • Size XXL;
  • Perfect for submission moments;
  • Rigid shell;
  • Prevents erection;
  • 11 cm long.


The opinion of Valentine our expert in transvesting:

If you have a sadomasochistic side and you don’t own a chastity cage, what are you waiting for? The Dotty cage is perfect for submission by preventing the wearer from having an erection. It is rather dedicated to the medium size penis because it is 11 cm long. It offers all new sensations to which you quickly become addicted… 

Les anneaux de fixation sont de 42, 45, 48 et 50mm de diamètre.

Fabriquée en plastique ABS.


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