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Leather leash handle

For a perfect fit!

The leash is a must for your submission parties, it allows you to guide your partner and dominate him in every detail. A strap is available so that the dominant person has a better grip on the leash. This leash is easily attached to a collar with a carabiner!

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Convinced in 5 points ! 


  • 80 cm chain as a leash for your erotic games. 
  • Safety strap for a better hold. 
  • Can be attached to a collar with a snap hook. 
  • Naughty sextoy for all kinds of games. 
  • Compatible with other accessories (collar, whip, etc.). 


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing 


A metal bracelet with a leather handle is an erotic toy reminiscent of submission play. The audience can be wider. This toy is easily attached to the collar with a metal carabiner. All kinds of weirdness are possible to give pleasure to your partner and to yourself during your naughty evenings. 


Our advice on the chain leash and its leather handle 


There are no restrictions on your enjoyment. Take advantage of every moment and every movement to enjoy yourself. 

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