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Lyfy short chastity cage 4 x 3.3cm

Position of submission!

Discover the short chastity cage Lyfy, this one has reduced dimensions to enclose the entire penis and make erection impossible. It measures 4cm long and 3.3cm wide. It is the perfect submission accessory!

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  • Erection impossible;
  • 4 cm long;
  • Enclose the entire penis;
  • Submission accessory;
  • Perfect for transvestites. 


The opinion of Valentine our expert in transvesting:

My partner and I love testing new things in bed, so we tried the SM side. My man takes the role of the dominated and thus wears the cage of chastity, thus allowing him to have no erection and to be in a position of submission. These new sensations make it possible to add pepper to the couple.

With fixing rings of 40mm, 43mm, 46mm and 49mm.

With the lock and the seals.

Made of ABS plastic.


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  1. Melissa O - :

    La cage qui me fallait très bon produit

    Melissa O -