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Student Disguise

A sexy student look!

This student disguise is perfect for creating a role-playing game and getting out of your routine! The outfit has fishnet stockings, a mini-skirt revealing a bit of the buttocks, and the bottom of the skirt is made of a bit of black lace. As for the top, the knotted shirt shows off your breasts and is terribly sexy. Your feminine side will be highlighted and your shape will be magnified.

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Convinced in 5 points ! 

  • Mini-skirt ; 
  • Fishnet stockings ; 
  • Visible belly ; 
  • Large neckline ; 
  • Perfect for transvestites! 


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing 

This student costume is perfect if you are used to creating role plays with your partner! If you are not used to it, it will only rekindle the flame in your couple and create passion! The mini skirt will give you a great figure and your partner will have a nice view from behind... The shirt tied in the front will show almost all of your chest. Your kidney drop will make your partner want to go dark...

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  1. DAnyfr D - :

    tres sexy moulante mignone tres excitant sur mon sexy corp 43k mince tres glamour dessus

    DAnyfr D -