Choice of male sex stimulants for transvestites
  • Arginine/Tribulus (60 capsules)

    60 Capsules
    Arginine/Tribulus (60 capsules)
    The combined benefits of Arginine and ...

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  • BOIS BANDÉ (60 capsules)

    60 Capsules
    BOIS BANDÉ (60 capsules)
    your sexuality asset
    14,90 €

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  • Ginkgo Biloba (60 capsules)

    60 Capsules
    Ginkgo Biloba  (60 capsules)
    Increases blood flow
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  • HOT DRINK HOMME Muira puama

    Bottle 250 ml
    HOT DRINK HOMME Muira puama
    contains muira puama

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  • Maca Extra Forte

    Set of 3 items
    Maca Extra Forte
    Aphrodisiac that stimulates sexual ...

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  • Maca Extra Forte (60 capsules)

    60 Capsules
    Maca Extra Forte (60 capsules)
    Aphrodisiac that stimulates sexual ...

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  • MaxiControl Gel retardant (60ml)

    Bottle 60 ml
    MaxiControl  Gel retardant  (60ml)
    Helps delay ejaculation

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  • MaxiControl (60 capsules)

    60 Capsules
    MaxiControl (60 capsules)
    Controlled premature ejaculation

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  • MaxiVolum (60 capsules)

    60 Capsules
    MaxiVolum  (60 capsules)
    increase your ejaculate
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  • MenBooster (60 capsules)

    60 Capsules
    MenBooster (60 capsules)
    Aphrodisiac that boosts sexual desire ...

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  • MenSize XL (60 capsules)

    60 Capsules
    MenSize XL (60 capsules)
    Boosts virility and improves erections

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  • MenSize XL Crème (60ml)

    Bottle 60 ml
    MenSize XL Crème (60ml)
    For stronger erections

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  • Pack 3 X HOT DRINK HOMME Bois bandé

    Set of 3 items
    Pack 3 X HOT DRINK HOMME Bois bandé
    stimulating root

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  • Testoman (60 capsules)

    60 Capsules
    Testoman (60 capsules)
    Primed testosterone

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  • Best winner 10 capsules

    10 Capsules
    Best winner 10 capsules
    Aphrodisiaque winner
    34,20 €

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  • Best winner 2 capsules

    2 Capsules
    Best winner 2 capsules
    A new sexual force

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  • HeroTab 2 capsules

    2 Capsules
    HeroTab 2 capsules
    Great stimulant for men

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  • K-MATAB (16 caps)

    16 Capsules
    K-MATAB (16 caps)
    Erection and endurance

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  • K-MATAB (4 caps)

    4 Capsules
    K-MATAB (4 caps)
    Erection and volume

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Sex stimulants for male crossdressers

To spice up your sex life, perform better, regain your sexual vitality or boost your libido, there are several solutions. You can consult a specialist, use intimate sex accessories, test new experiences or follow a course of food supplements. The latter are a very effective way to remedy sexual problems, be free of all inhibitions and find fulfilment. There are stimulants for men and women that also satisfy the requirements of crossdressers. To help you easily find what you need, our team has selected for you a wide choice of references that you can buy from our e-commerce store. Delivery is fast and discreet. It would be a shame not to take advantage of it!

Improve your performance and stimulate your libido

Sometimes your desire can slump due to stress, fatigue, professional or personal problems, etc. It’s often temporary and by taking food supplements, it’s possible to find a solution to this minor problem which is not serious but can be annoying. Likewise, there are treatments to have longer-lasting erections, fight fatigue, develop penis size, delay ejaculation and have longer intercourse. For male crossdressers, there are also stimulants that help to establish hormonal balance and can be very practical to feminize their appearance. Whatever your desires and needs, you can try food supplements to boost your libido and develop sexually.

A varied selection of products with very positive results

In our online store, you can choose between a wide range of stimulants for male crossdressers. Most of the time, they are capsules to be taken as part of a course lasting several weeks. But we also have gels and boxes containing just a few pills which you may test for a special occasion. To help you in your shopping, we explain the strong points of each product, give you advice and indicate their composition. And if you have any questions, our team is there to answer and advise you when you order on our website. So why wait? Discover the benefits of our sexual stimulants now!