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Adjustable black handcuffs

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These black adjustable handcuffs are ideal for your wildest of submission games. Choose to handcuff your submissive transvestites hands or wrists, either way, your sexlife SM can only get more spicy. Show that you are dominant and teach your submissive partner how to become a good dominated transvestite.

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Convinced in 5 points! 

  • Black adjustable handcuffs. 
  • 100% PVC. 
  • 2 keys included. 
  • Sexy look. 
  • Adds spice to the eroticism of the moment. 


Valentine’s opinion, our cross-dressing expert: 

Are you looking to spice up your relationship? Something a little more hard, which will stimulate your libido? Then let yourself be tempted by the adjustable black handcuffs which will be ideal for your SM games. Its big buckles and metal chain brings out the hard side, which can considerably excite your partner and yourself. Its two keys offer your imagination non-ending grounds of games of all sorts so that your other half finally lets herself go. Designed rather for the wrists, the handcuffs can also be adapted to the ankles. Now you understand that from the tips of your fingers, you can think about the deepest of your sexual desires… 


Our advice on black adjustable handcuffs 

Bondage is a sexual practice which is fairly common. Remember to always to treat it extremely carefully, determining beforehand the signals to know when to stop and taking into account the measures of safety in order to have a good time without any mundane risks. 


- Menottes noires ajustables en 100% PVC, reliées par une lourde chaine ave fermoir, 2 clés incluses

- Marque : Lux et Fetish

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    très bien merci pour la livraison super rapide et discrete

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